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Fast And Furious Street Smarts

Fast And Furious Street Smarts
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In order to stand out from the crowd, more and more fighting "experts" are coming up with super-complex new fighting styles. These new styles look vicious and effective… but you know what? When it comes down to crunch time…

Real Fighters Just Want Simple Stuff
That Works In Real World Fighting.

That's why the guys who actually face life-and-death combat spend huge amounts of time searching out the REAL fighting experts.

And they will pay for lessons from these real experts out of their own pocket.

The "official" stuff they learn at SWAT schools, in spec op bootcamps, and even with "secret" teachers brought in by the military… is all fine and dandy when you have oodles of time to practice complicated moves.

But when it comes down to crunch time… the professional fighters want SIMPLE skills they know they can rely on no matter what's going on. Pitch-black alleys, torrential rain, mud up to their knees, 40-pound packs weighing them down… bloody wounds hampering their movements…

Fighting in the real world ain't pretty. It's hard to do a complex move — no matter how good it may be in the dojo — when you're soaking wet, scared, dizzy from blood loss, outnumbered and your life is on the line.

And that is why a long line of Los Angeles Vice Squad cops (the one who deal with Crip and Blood gangs in bad neighborhoods), military Special Forces soldiers gearing up to ship out overseas, and "hands on" federal agents seek out Jacov Bresler.

And pay for his special lessons with their own money. Out of their own pocket.

Who is this guy? You may have even heard of him before, or you may recognize his face.

Because he lives TWO DISTINCT lives:

  1. His "day job" is being Hollywood's top "go to" guy for teaching actors how to look like real fighters in movies. Jacov has worked or trained with Steven Seagal, Jeff Speakman, Olivea Gruner, Sly Stallone and the rest of the "Hollywood Martial Arts" gang. He makes it all look "authentic"… and even appears as a bad guy now and again. (Check out "The Circuit", or "13 Dead Men", or "Cyborg Fighters".)
  2. However, his MAIN job is training REAL fighters & civilians in how to defend themselves

This guy's story will take your breath away: He grew up in Israel learning the nastier details of street fighting as a merchant seaman — his specialty, as a young kid, was surviving long boat trips and bar fights where other crew members occasionally "disappered". After joining the Israeli military he volunteered for a special "behind the lines" military mini-force supporting special operations.

Do you remember the Yom Kippur War? The Arab countries poured their entire armies into Israel. They wanted to make it just disappear. The Israeli army, completely outnumbered had other ideas. They used their superior fighting skills to defeat and destroy their enemies.

And Jacov Bresler participated in that war behind the lines supporting Special Forces on search-and-destroy missions.

Many soldiers never see combat. Others, like Jacov, see little BUT combat.

House-to-house fighting. Hostage situations. Taking out terrorists.

This deep experience in real combat is what makes Jacov such a "find" for modern spec op soldiers and "ghetto fighter" vice cops.

No amount of theory is gonna save your ass, when you're faced with real combat out in the street. The other guy, the bad guy, wants you DEAD.

What are you gonna do? Whip out your best spinning head kick?

Or… as Jacov teaches…

Go Simple And

The professional fighters who know how the world really works… choose simple and deadly every time.

Okay… you want "official" credibility?

Jacov's got that, too. He began his training at age 16 with an Argentinian master instructor who is a direct disciple of legendary Okinawan Karate master Gogen Yamaguchi's Son. That style — Goju Ryu Karate — is still one of the most "hard core" martial art styles in the world today.

Then, once Jacov came to Los Angeles, he continued his training with Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. — the undefeated World Champ kick-boxer (64-0 record, with 53 knock-outs) and other world famous masters like Ed Parker and Frank Dux (the guy the movie "Blood Sport" was based on).

THEN, Jacov joined up with Mark Parra (Benny "The Jet" Urquidez' top student) and together, these two guys established "The House of Champions" gym, which has been Action Central for the west coast martial arts world for over 10 years attracting martial artists from all over the world.

So… how did WE get Jacov to reveal his most sought-after secrets?

Hey — after 15 years dominating the martial arts teaching world, we've earned a little honest credibility.

Our teaching tapes and DVDs are devoured worldwide… by rookie kid, experienced street fighters, and military "lifer" alike.

Real fighters come to us for the real thing.

So… when Jacov decided it was time to bring a little REALITY back into fighting… a meeting was arranged with us. Because we have the means to reach the exact people he wanted to reach — everyone "outside" the closed world of cops, spec op soldiers and streetfighters who live on the edge.

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